Rights All Right

Some people, when asked “How are you?” respond, “Oh, I’m all right”. I generally have a bit more enthusiastic response, somewhere along the lines of “I’m great. How are you doing?”.

It’s all a matter of perspective, of course, but no matter how bad a particular day or moment of my life is, overall I have it pretty darn good. After all, wherever I have lived, I can turn on a tap and have water come out. I have roof over my head, and heating in the winter. Granted, I couldn’t always drink that water, but getting potable water was as simple as ordering refills for the water cooler. I have never had to lug a daily supply of water from a river, or a central tap.

While I am delighted to have the right to complain, I don’t think it’s right for me to complain. In fact, I believe I have the obligation to make sure other people have the right to complain and to do something to better their lives.


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